The city of gold

narrative installation

For centuries, caravans travelled back and forth between Morocco and Timbuktu. While carrying salt, they crossed miles of sand to reach the revered city, Timbuktu. In Timbuktu, salt was almost as valuable as gold. The city, located in the middle of the desert, became the centre of trade, literature and spirituality. More recently, the city and its ancient monuments have been under attack by local rebels and Islamist radicals.

My work creates an environment where the viewer can sink deeper into the rich history of the Saharan Desert. Through depicting scenes and fragments of the North and West African culture, complimented by traditional music and storytelling, I am referencing the ancient storytelling traditions of Northern Africa. The installation tells the story of both ancient and modern Timbuktu. My work is meant to create a deeper understanding of the Sahara’s nomadic history and why it is so important to be preserved.